National Law Institute of India


Other activities of the National Institute of India include :


1.            Arbitration, Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution

2.            Publication of Encyclopaedias, Monographs and Books

3.            Organisation of Conferences, Congresses, Seminars and Symposia

4.            Research on relevant legal and paralegal topics

5.            Collaboration and Cooperation with like-minded institutions

6.            Implementation of turn-key projects related to institution building

7.            Design of Bachelorís, Masterís and Doctoral Programmes

8.            Preparation of Instructional Materials

9.            Preparation of Project Reports for the establishment of institutions

10.       Preparation of Charters for National and International Organisations

11.       Preparation of Vision Documents for Trusts / Philanthropic Bodies

12.       Representing Public / Private Sector Organisations for Negotiations

13.       Visit to all Member Countries under the UN for providing advise

14.       Conducting Juridical Audits

15.       Establishing Intergovernmental Organisations


The Chairman
National Law Institute of India
A 15, Paryavaran Complex
New Delhi Ė 110030
Tel. : +91-11-29533801, +91-11-29533830
Email : [email protected]
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Those interested in starting a University or a College or an Institution related to Laws and related Juridical Sciences may also contact us for establishing these organisations in India or in any country of the world.

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